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Appearance Request

Blizzard/Icicle/Player Appearance Request Guidelines

The Evansville IceMen are proud to be involved in the Tri-State community. In an effort to best serve those who also call this area home, we require that these guidelines be followed when requesting an appearance for Blizzard, the Icicles, or any Players. Try as we might we are unable to fulfill all requests submitted to the team due to constraints of the team’s schedule and volume of requests received each season. 


Requests must be received though the online request form. This form must be completely filled out at time of submission. The event cannot be scheduled without the Evansville IceMen receiving this form.

Requests must be received 3 weeks in advance of the appearance date.

Filling out this form DOES NOT GUARANTEE that the request being made will be fulfilled. Unfortunately there are times when our schedule will not allow for it.

You will be contacted by someone from the IceMen Community Relations Department to confirm the date and time of the event, and that our schedule will allow for the request.

Advertising appearances before confirmation of the appearance is made by the IceMen Community Relations Department is done so at the risk of the organization making the request.

If any of the requirements are not met or if an unreasonable situation arises the Evansville IceMen retain the right to cancel or cease the appearance.

IF there is a change in the date/time/location/etc. of the appearance after confirmation is made by the IceMen Community Relations Department, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate the change. If any information changes after the confirmation is made, it is the organization’s responsibility to inform the IceMen Community Relations Department of those changes as soon as possible.

The Evansville IceMen retain the right to use any photography or video taken during the appearance for promotional or marketing purposes.

• Appearances must take place within 60 miles of Evansville, IN

In addition to the above conditions below are specific requirements and conditions for each type of appearance.

Blizzard Appearances

The dressing room for Blizzard must be clean, private, and secure before and after the appearance. Public restrooms are not acceptable.
It is important that Blizzard’s identity be kept as private as possible. Please use discretion, especially in front of younger children, when greeting the mascot.
The Evansville IceMen and their employees are not liable for any damages or injuries sustained as a result of the IceMen mascot.

Icicle Appearances

Icicles are not available for appearances after Noon on Home Game dates.
A minimum of two (2) Icicles is required for all appearances.
Organization must provide a secure location for the Icicles to store their person belongings during the appearance.

Player Appearances

Please note all Player Appearances are subject to game and practice schedules.
There will be NO Player Appearances on Game Days or during the Playoffs. Weekday Player Appearances start at 1 PM. 
We will do our best to fulfill preferences of players for general Player Appearances, but specific players cannot be guaranteed for these appearances. Players are subject to change without notice from the IceMen Community Relations Department.

For further questions please contact:

Jessica Welz
Director of Community Relations
Evansville IceMen
- Or email -

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