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Cold Stone Blizzard

Coldstone Blizzard's Bio

Name: Cold Stone Blizzard (Blizzard for short)
Birth Place: an Arctic ice sheet in northern Canada
Home Town: Evansville, IN 
Number: 00
Position: Mascot
Birthday: December 4th
Hobbies: watching the IceMen, hanging out with fans, reading, swimming, and sleeping
First Ever Job: Professional Curler


Books: The Biggest Bear, Swim Polar Bear Swim, Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you See?
Food: Anything from Cold Stone Creamery, seals
Movies: Arctic Tale (My cousins made a cameo in it!!!), Slap Shot, Goon
Quote: “Every day is a great day for hockey,” –Mario Lemieux
Fall Festival Treat: Deep Fried Komet
Songs: The Hockey Song
Places to cool off: The Ford Center, Swonder Ice Arena, Cold Stone Creamery

Fun Polar Bear Facts:

  • Polar Bears are excellent swimmers.
  • They do not hibernate, but have been known to sleep through Blizzards.
  • They spend 50% of their time hunting, but area only successful in 2% of their attempts.
  • The polar bears main food source is seals, and that is why the ice packs in the Arctic Circle area so important for them. To get to the seals they must travel on the ice.




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